Ciudad Bolivar

Jueves 26 de Abril / 21 horas

Nombre: Ciudad Bolivar
Duracion: 20 minutos
Formato: Mini DV
Producción: Manuel Contreras
Realización: Camilo Castillo
Sonido: Carlos Vega
Post Producción: Andres Betancourt.
Bogota, Colombia. 2006

Ciudad Bolivar is the most depressed area of Bogota, Colombia, where over 800.000 people survive everyday. On top of all the problems they have the security has become a big issue, so in the last years over 580 boys have been killed mostly by the paramilitary groups that are part of the social conflict that is wrecking this country over the last 41 years. This groups had become a powerfull force in this area, as a proof of that they installed a curfew, prohibiting young people to be around parks or corners after nine at night, But a group of brave and courageous boys had emerged and as a pacific response they started to walk in the neighborhood at night, with friends, developing cultural activities and performances in order to recover their space. Walks that started with 20 people today gatters over 200 hundred.

Unfortunately by their activities they had receive múltiple threats but despite of that they keep of fighting for the right to live and for the right to be on the street at any time. This is the story of Carlos and Omar.


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